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Who We Are

In an ever-changing world where security concerns are on the rise, having a reliable and robust security solution is paramount for businesses and individuals alike.

At Hawkeye, we take pride in offering security services that go beyond traditional security measures. With our team of highly trained and experienced security professionals, we are dedicated to safeguarding your assets, properties, and peace of mind. The mere presence of a well-trained security guard can discourage potential criminals from attempting unlawful activities. Hawkeye creates a formidable deterrent that protects your premises and assets.

Tailored Security Solutions: We understand that every client has unique security needs. Our operations team are customisable and can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of your business or property. Our manned guards are not just security professionals. They also prioritize providing excellent customer service. They are approachable, courteous and can assist visitors or employees with their queries or concerns.

Our Leadership

At Hawkeye Support Services, we benefit from our forward-thinking and compassionate leadership.


Kabba Bajinka - Founder and Director

Kabba Bajinka is a skilled and committed professional with experience in Customer Relationship Management, People Management, Staff Retention and Management. Kabba believes that outstanding customer service is integral to any company that wants to provide quality service. An enthusiastic team leader, Kabba adopts a hands-on approach to daily tasks and involves themselves enthusiastically with clients or prospective clients and their projects. Kabba is adept in scheduling and rostering staff and visiting and conducting welfare visits on all employees in their designated workplaces. Kabba ensures all site paperwork is up to date and maintained and that staff comply. Kabba is experienced in holding investigation and disciplinary meetings and ensuring staff complete their training and possess an awareness of procedures and standards.

Professional, Resourceful and Personable

Everything we do at Hawkeye Support Services stands for quality, from the staff we employ to the services we provide. We ensure that our staff consistently deliver professional service in any of their responsibilities. 

To ensure this, we monitor every aspect of our business and make developments where possible.

Our Values

Teamwork, Commitment, Dedication and an environment of continuous improvement in the provision of service to our clients is extremely important to us at Hawkeye Support Services.

Within our company, we have a strong diverse team with experiences in different cultures and backgrounds, our whole team actively support and celebrate equality and diversity.

We are committed to these values and believe that, by maintaining them, we will lead Hawkeye Support Services to further success in the future.

Superior Individual Service

We take immense pride in our team’s professionalism and dedication to providing exceptional customer service. Our security personnel are not only vigilant in protecting attendees but are also courteous and approachable. We believe in creating a positive experience for everyone, leaving a lasting impression on both event organisers and participants.


When it comes to hosting successful events and festivals, security should never be compromised. At Hawkeye, we offer event and festival security services that go beyond the conventional. Our personalised approach, expert risk assessments, crowd management expertise, and unwavering dedication to safety set us apart as the preferred security partner for events of all scales.

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