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At Hawkeye Support Services, we are celebrated as one of the best staff suppliers in our industry. We attribute this to our incredible staffing team, expertly trained and highly qualified professionals who make it their duty to go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

Managed Security Services

At Hawkeye Support Services, our head office is home to a dedicated recruitment and vetting team that ensures all our applicants are subject to a minimum of twenty different checks before they join our service. This ensures that only the best and most determined staff work for our service.

24-Hour Availability

We offer a round the clock service. No matter what time of the day, week or year you need support, we are always prepared to deal with any last-minute requests for staff.

Fully Managed Service

Hawkeye Support Services can take off some of the financial and physical pressures you may encounter on your own.

Detailed Profiling

To ensure that our staff deliver you an excellent service, all our clients are screened in advance, and we match them up against our extensive staff database. We will talk with you to better understand what you need, from staff specialisms and capabilities to desired shift patterns.

Spot Checks

To guarantee Hawkeye Support Services staff continue to perform at the highest levels and deliver an excellent service, we cooperate with our clients to perform regular spot checks, measuring quality and consistency.

We cover large part of England

Hawkeye Support Services boasts a wide variety of staff in our database, including


We cover all aspects including

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